API Program RAMP-UP WORKSHOP                                               
1 & 1/2 power-packed days of ready-to-use first-hand insights


  • You will get twelve hours of Digital Pressure-Fueling. 

  • Deep insights on how to avoid common mistakes.

  • A holistic view of your API-Program including mindset, behavior & communication, technology & structures and of course the cultural aspects that are needed to run a successful API program.

  • Experiences from various international API-Programs.

  • Knowledge about perennial misconceptions on your path towards Digital

  • Hands-on advice on ‘how to put rubber on the road’

  • The Anatomy of an API Journey - From zero to a hundred - Example: The Swisscom API Journey

  • From API-Project to API-Program to API Products Tribe

  • Single-Point-Of-Failure Setups vs. working Peer-To-Peer

  • API-Programs and the common pitfalls. Let's avoid to make the same expensive mistakes over and over again

  • From Inside-Out to Outside-In Thinking / Mindset - put the Developer first

  • KPIs for APIs - from typical nonsense KPIs to real K(A)PIs

  •  Internal vs. External APIs

  • From being clueless to becoming responsive and predictive

  • The never-ending platform discussion

  • Data ownership / Service ownership, How to get in charge?

  • Accountability in Digital teams

  • The API-First approach - Everybody talks about it - Nobody does it

  • The power of API Analytics - Let’s talk about an unsung hero!

  • How to monetize APIs? - How to make money?

  • From cost-center to profit-center

  • APIs are an interface to a value proposition (VPI | Value Proposition Interface)

  • Team setups of successful API programs

  • What is an API Product? Most probably it's not what you think it is.

  • API Product Management & API Product Managers - We're not talking about Product Owners.

  • API Product Design

  • API Design - Inevitable!

  • The Developer Portal | The Business Portal

  • To Expose Or Not To Expose ... About the necessity to learn to say No!

  • API Evangelism & Business evangelism

  • Q&A spiced with Best-Practices from API Programs all around the world


DAY TWO (half day):
  • (Re-)Shaping your API Strategy - First steps

  • Developing your GTM Strategy - First steps

Offsite(After the workshop):

Finalization of your API Strategy

Finalization of your GTM STRATEGy

One And A Half Day WS Package + strategy & GTM: $ 24.900,00  

Excl. VAT

Includes follow-up chats after 30 / 60 / 90 days to maintain momentum

Half-Day check-in possible!


The Workshop ships worldwide!